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Online booking is now available to new reflexology clients! Visit our contact page to book!

Welcome to Whispering Hands!

Whispering Hands Wellness is a home based small business specializing in women's health and wellness. We welcome ladies of all ages to come find their peace and balance out in the beautiful countryside away from the busy city. Our simple menu helps you choose services to create your experience that caters a long escape or a quick pick me up. Experience an environment that combines rustic antique charm, essential decor, relaxing jazz lounge music and healing elements for a heavenly ambiance. Here you'll be treated like family on your journey to better health!

Big News!

Starting September 28th I will be offering reflexology at Dr. Debs Herbals in Diamond Springs every wednesday! I am so excited for this opportunity and I look forward to serving more in the community with the amazing work of reflexology. More information on my contact page.

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"If you're feeling out of kilter,

Don't know why or what about,

Let your feet reveal the answer,

Find the sore spot, work it out!"

- Eunice D. Ingham

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