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About the Studio

Whispering Hands Massage is a home based business with a cute, cozy studio nestled in the heart of Pleasant Valley. Here you will find the comfort of home plus the benefits of professional therapeutic care! 

About the Owner

My name is Brandie Peterson and I am a board certified massage therapist. I have been practicing massage therapy since 2010 and have enjoyed every moment of it! I graduated from Bryan College with an associate's degree in advanced therapeutic massage and bodywork. My specialties include reflexology, shiatsu, thai massage and aromatherapy. I am so thankful for my career. It has shown me many different avenues of serving my community and I have met so many wonderful humans along the way! I hope I can continue my work for many years to come!  

My Mission & Values


My mission at Whispering Hands Massage is to focus on women's health and well being by providing a high variety of therapeutic massage and bodywork services in a calm, comfortable environment.


-Slow, slow, slow, slower is best. When you enter the massage space there is nothing but calm, serene energy.

-Gentle approach to deep therapeutic care. "No pain, no gain" does not apply here.

-I seek to provide my clients with the best care possible by listening to what the body is telling me.


-I stay updated on any changes in the medical industry and pathologies with continuing education and research.

-I also believe that being healthy and taking care of yourself doesn't have to be expensive. Quality massage and bodywork without breaking your wallet.

-My vast knowledge in multiple massage modalities helps in performing a massage to fit YOUR needs, not a one massage fits all.

-I believe you don't have to choose between therapeutic massage and pampering. Why not receive relief from pain and tension while feeling pampered at the same time?

I am Board Certified!

What does that mean?

Board certification is the highest credential a massage therapist can earn voluntarily. This credential requires more education and hands-on experience. A therapist with this certification has the proper foundation to better serve clients and demonstrate a commitment to raising the standards in the massage profession.