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Reflexology is done on the feet with the client comfortably reclined on a therapy table or chair with pillows/bolsters placed under head and legs. The practitioner starts with several relaxation techniques to help relax the client and get the feet accustomed to touch. The practitioner then "reflexes" the entire foot and around the ankle. It is completely normal for the reflexologist to find tender areas as long as it is not too painful. If so less pressure is used or the tender spot is alternated with work on another area to keep the client comfortable. The reflexology session is ended with a deep breathing exercise to leave the client feeling totally relaxed. Brief consultations are done before and after a reflexology session to ensure the best experience.

60 Minutes $60

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$60 Per Hour Flat Rate


A Japanese word meaning "Finger Pressure", Shiatsu is based on traditional Chinese medicine. It is believed that illness stems from imbalances in the body's energy or "life force" that surrounds it. In Shiatsu the practitioner uses fingers, thumbs, and palms to apply slow, steady pressure on the meridians (energy channels) and acupressure points within the meridians to encourage flow and balance. Shiatsu is done on a mat with the client fully clothed in light, loose clothing.

75 Minutes $75

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Healing Touch Massage

My unique style of healing touch massage is the integration of compressions, slow moving strokes, gradual deep tissue techniques, light stretching and intentional energy. This is done in a slow manner using light, medium or firm pressure throughout the massage depending on how the muscles respond. The main goal is to relax the mind so the body is receptive to therapeutic care.

60 Minutes $60

90 Minutes $90

90 Minute w/ Hot Stones $90

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