Balance & Healing


Mind, Body, and Sole



Choose a service to begin your healing experience.

Additional 10 Minutes $10

*Not available separately

Foot Bath

Treat your feet to a nice warm foot bath with soothing essential oils and natural basalt stones.


Customized aromatherapy is applied to the bottom of the feet, back & neck before your massage or to feet & hands before reflexology to start absorbing into the system.


Select a service as the main course in your healing experience or enjoy a la carte!

Ingham Method Reflexology

Reflexology is done on your feet while you're reclined comfortably starting with several relaxation techniques to help you relax and get the feet accustomed to touch. The reflexologist then works the reflexes of the entire foot and around the ankle using only their fingers and thumbs noting any sensitive areas. It is completely normal for the reflexologist to find tender areas as long as it is not too painful. If so, less pressure is used or the tender spot is alternated with work on another area and relaxation techniques to keep you comfortable.

Full Session

45-60 Minutes $50

Focused Session

30 Minutes $25

Ingham Method Reflexology Maternity

All the benefits of a reflexology session but catered mostly to helping relieve some of the discomforts of pregnancy. Reflexology is safe and very important for providing relief from tension and stress during your entire pregnancy.

45-60 Minutes $50

Ingham Method Hand Reflexology

A great addition to your foot reflexology session or is available separately. Fitting for tired, overworked hands.

30 Minutes $25


Incorporate a little extra garnish into your main service.

No additional time or cost.

*Not available separately

Herbal Hot Pack

Hot pack with a special blend of healing herbs applied to back, shoulders & chest. 

Hand & Foot Thermal Warmer

Hands & feet are placed into electric thermal mitts & booties to receive moisturizing heat to soothe achy joints.


There's always room for dessert! A sweet way to conclude your healing experience!

Additional 15 Minutes $15

*Not available separately

Focused Massage

Some extra time for focused massage on an area of your choice.

Enrich Mint Foot Rescue Mask

Enjoy a soothing mint infused foot mask from Farmhouse Fresh. This is applied after your reflexology or massage to moisturize and soften rough, cracked feet.

Scalp Massage

Calm the mind with a relaxing scalp massage with soothing jojoba oil.